Thursday, 20 August 2015

Popping Out of the Matrix

Popping out of the Matrix –

It’s like all these things in life are designed to keep us down. We are born and usually get abused by our fathers or mothers right away which usually leaves us useless and defenseless for the rest of our lives yet we don’t know it yet. The main abuse usually stops before we start to really remember our lives – our parents calculate it that way – and they usually have some life awakening or change of life or some other bullshit, maybe medical and they stop hitting us or torturing us or whatever it was that they were doing to us to abuse us before we get old enough to know it happened. Then we have a couple of years of bliss, usually between eight and fourteen where all we do is go to school, eat chocolate and have crushes on our teachers. Then we start to change and the abuse from our childhood catches up subconsciously and we say, “This is a boring and middle class family” and our parents, if we have them, seem so “normal” and “unfulfilled” and we say “that shit is not for me”. We usually fight our way through grade school and into high school and then the big one hits us. One day we realize that no one thinks we are shit unless we are hip and popular so we start to spend every cent we get to be more hip and more popular and we barely make it through high school because we are so busy being hip that we do not have time to study. Of course being hip means we can’t live with Mom and Dad past seventeen. Then we move out of home and need a place to live so we get into the rent thing and start to dump a whole bunch more money on that and on buying shit for our rental pads – I mean shit that we really don’t want but that fills up our pad and makes it look like someone lives there. We get jobs and pay taxes right away – one third of all our money right away. And then we need a car to get to work and get around and mostly because you can’t really do anything the way our cities are set up without a car. So we spend a lot of our money on that car and then get into the insurance bullshit and the car fixing bullshit and the gas bullshit and the parking bullshit and, in short, dump a whole bunch more of our money on that. Then we start using that car to go back and forth to the job that we are starting to hate but that we now need to pay for all our shit and we say one day – “Hey, this is boring! There must be more to this. To life” – so what do we do? We start a family of course and we get a couple of kids going and we think we are happy for a while. Of course we aren’t ready to have kids – no one really is until they are about sixty so we get impatient and unhappy with them and slap them around a bit too much or torture them in some other way. Then our partner screws around or we screw around and then we realize that this shit is boring too. I mean, there we are, driving back and forth to a job that we now really hate in a car that is now getting really old and falling apart and we can’t stop doing it because we don’t know any other way. Is there any other way we say? “There must be a better way!”

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